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Video Poker: Double Joker

Double Joker is an in-demand game in every online casino site that carries it. It has the added thrills to Poker plus a great promise for a sizable jackpot. Double Joker Video Poker is also very entertaining and enjoyable. The concept of the game is also simple. You would not have a hard time keeping up with it.

The aim of Double Joker is for the player to create the best hand possible from the five cards that will be dealt to him. The hand is extracted after a process of holding and discarding, which is the player's call and therefore requires for knowledge in Poker hands and how they can be obtained.

As with Slots, the draws are random, making the game of Double Joker fair and honest every single time. There is nothing you could use to influence the outcome of the game so naturally, Double Joker Video Poker is considered a luck-based game. The skill part only comes in with the player's familiarity to the game of Poker and to the available hands that can win him prize money.

What makes Double Joker unique is basically the existence of two Jokers at play. This game uses a 54 card deck instead of the usual 52. The two extra cards are the Jokers. As in most card games, the Jokers are considered wild cards. In Double Joker, the wild cards are important because they improve the player's chances of actually hitting a win. Jokers can take the place of every other card in the deck considering that it completes a winning hand. That card may be of every value and suit, it does not matter. The only factor that decides which card the Joker substitutes for is the current hand at play.

Take note that a Joker Royal Flush pays considerably lower than a natural Royal Flush. While getting all the high cards of the same suit pays 4000 coins, creating the same hand with even one Joker card only pays 500 coins. Those winnings are based on a maximum bet. The coin size is of course smaller for a smaller wager.

To play Double Joker Video Poker, you have to place some bets, hit the deal button, and hold/discard your cards. After you are through with that process, the game software evaluates the hand that you have and credit the winnings you are entitled to to your account. Otherwise, you lose your bet. You will have to place in another wager to start another game.