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The Different Kinds of Bets in Texas Holdem Poker

The different kinds of bets are what make the different games that are being offered in casinos and other gambling facilities very exciting and fun to play. Players feed off from the excitement that these bets can bring. They play in the hope of winning more and more money from the different bets that are made in the game. The same is very true for Texas Holdem poker.

The betting structure of Texas Holdem is basically made up of bets that are mandatory. These bets are then used as the prize to be given to the players who would win the game. The bets also vary depending on what type of Texas Holdem game is being played. The most popular variations of Texas Holdem include the limit, pot-limit and no-limit games.

All of these Texas Holdem games have these mandatory bets, which all the other players are required to place at the start of every betting round. These bets can be divided into two main categories. They are the antes and the blinds. These are the simple betting structures that set Texas Holdem poker apart from all the other card games out there. These two forced bets combine to form a very exciting game.

The antes are mandatory bets that every player should put at the start of every game. All the players usually put the same amount of antes before every deal is made. Antes are basically used to increase the amount of the overall bets that players would fight for. Such bets would eventually lead to a very exciting and fun-filled finish. Because of these bets, players are then advised to build a pretty decent bankroll before playing so that they can really enjoy the game.

The antes only make up half of the exciting betting structure of the Texas Holdem poker game. The other half is composed of the big blinds and the small blinds. Blinds are mandatory bets that usually rotate with the dealer button to add more on the pot. The small blind is usually placed by the player who is directly seated at the left side of the player assigned with the dealer button. On the other hand, the big blind is to be placed by the player who is directly seated at the left side of the small blind player.

Because the small blinds and big blinds rotate, all the players in the table will have the chance to put these mandatory bets. Most of the time, the value of the small blinds are usually half of the big blinds. Meanwhile, the amount of the big blinds is equivalent to the minimum amount that can be bet during the game. It is also important to know that tournament poker games usually have an increasing antes and blinds as the games near the end.