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How to Execute the Showdown of Hands in Texas Holdem Poker

The Texas Holdem poker game has been played throughout the years by some of the toughest and impenetrable poker players in the whole wide world. Tough competition is very much expected in this world where everyone seems to be very skilled and talented. This fact is very much displayed in the huge poker events that feature some of the biggest names in poker reaching the showdown round of the game.

Because the toughest and most skilled players are found here, tough competition is always expected especially in the more prestigious events. The showdown is basically the last and final standoff between two or more players after surpassing the first four rounds of betting. In poker, as each of the different betting rounds transpires, more and more players are folding. This leaves the toughest players at the end of the game.

In Texas Holdem poker, the play of hands usually transpires in four basic rounds. At first each player would be dealt with a couple of unexposed cards. Then, there is the pre-flop round. This is the first betting round where those who are unable to call or raise would be folding out of the game. The flop will then follow which is accompanied by another betting round. In here, three community cards will be exposed for the remaining players to see.

The turn will then follow the flop. In here, another community card will be exposed as another betting round will take effect. Those who can call or raise will continue while those who fold will be eliminated from the game. Those who surpass this round will then move on to the river and the final betting round. If ever after this four betting rounds, there are still two or more players remaining, a showdown will be held.

In the showdown, the remaining players will have to make the best five card combination from their two hole cards and the five community cards that were opened after the four rounds of betting. The one who can come up with the better hand wins the game and the pot as well. That's how exciting Texas Holdem poker can be. After four grueling betting rounds, players will have to face each other in an ultimate showdown to determine the winner.

On the other hand, there are cases where the best five cards that a player can make are made up of the entire community cards. If this is the case, the best situation that individual can be is when a tie will take place. In this scenario, a tie will occur and both players will divide the value of the pot equally among themselves.

Using all the community cards while none of the players' cards are used is called playing the board. Despite the aforementioned complications, the showdown is still mainly used to determine the winner of the games that are still undecided after the four betting rounds of the game have already transpired.